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AppleAir Laser Purifier Model AAK40

AppleAir Laser Purifier Model AAK40

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Our AAK40 laser cutting & engraving purifier is designed to effectively filter laser engraving & cutting dust, fumes & Odor. This machine utilizes 7 filters for maximum efficiency. The filtration systems is suitable for cutting and engraving various non-metal materials such as (acrylic, ABS, plywood, wood, MDF, leather, tumblers, Metal Paste compounds, laser inks, fabric etc.) to name just a few. Our low-cost filters make this the most effective & affordable filtration system on the market to date.

We can supply a hood or telescopic fume system or hose if your laser has a spigot. Just tell us what you need and we provide a quotation for any additional configurations.

Filters included and available to purchase:

First Layer – Primary Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Second Layer – Secondary Fine Particle Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Third Layer – Primary Fiber Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Fourth Layer – Secondary Fiber Filter – Expected life is 6-12 months.

Filter 5-6-7 Combined Hepa Filter – Expected Life 6-12 months.

Special bundle pack available at a discounted price

How it works:

Engraving debris from timber, acrylic, 2 colour plastics, leather, fabric etc. pass through the machine filtering system to remove harmful fumes. The flexible telescopic head allows you to put the extraction right at the work zone where it is needed if it has no cabinet. The machine is compact, lightweight and mobile allowing for easy relocation to various work zones in your home or workplace. 

Digital LED display with remote control.

Recommended for:

MW Laser J630, K40, Xtools, Beambox, diode lasers, Aeon Mira 5 and all small format desktop lasers up to 700mm x 500mm.

Meets Australian Electrical Requirements

Domestic shipping available 

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