Laser Support & Training

Did you know that MW Laser provides Onsite and Remote Service, Repairs & Training options for your Laser Machine?

MW Laser cater to a wide range of makes and models, including machines from other manufacturers.

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BlazeCut Automatic Fire Supression Systems

Fire Protection for your Laser Machine. Protect yourself and your Laser Machine with a BlazeCut Automatic Fire Suppression System. MW Laser now stock BlazeCut T-Series Systems suitable for Co2 Lasers, 3D Printers, vehicles and electrical cabinets.

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Welcome to MW Laser.

MW Laser Machines - Precision in Every Beam
At MW Laser Machines, we're your gateway to a world of precision, innovation, and boundless creativity. Our mission is to empower businesses, artists, and enthusiasts to harness the power of CO2 laser machines, unlocking new realms of possibility. As you step into our world, let us introduce you to the marvel that is a CO2 Laser Machine.
What is a CO2 Laser Machine?
A CO2 Laser Machine is a cutting-edge tool that harnesses the power of laser light to create, cut, and engrave with extraordinary precision. At its heart, it employs a high-intensity beam of infrared light generated from the excitation of carbon dioxide gas. This laser beam, meticulously focused, is a versatile tool capable of transforming a wide range of materials with pinpoint accuracy.
Why Choose an MW Laser Machine?
The allure of CO2 Laser Machines lies in their versatility and unrivaled precision. Whether you're dreaming of crafting intricate pieces, creating personalized gifts, or revolutionizing your industrial processes, these machines empower you to turn your vision into reality. With minimal material waste, unparalleled accuracy, and the ability to work on various materials, MW Laser Machines are your key to efficiency, creativity, and limitless possibilities.
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Why choose an MW Laser Machine over cheaper Laser Models.
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Take the Next Step with MW Laser Machines
Ready to embark on a journey of innovation and precision? MW Laser Machines is your trusted partner on this path. We offer a range of CO2 Laser Machines, each designed to meet your unique needs, from hobbyist to industrial scale. Our machines are a testament to quality, reliability, and the pursuit of perfection.
Contact Us for More Information
If you're ready to explore the world of CO2 Laser Machines or seek guidance on choosing the right solution for your needs, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. Contact MW Laser Machines today, and let's transform your vision into reality, one laser beam at a time. Your journey to precision begins here.

MW Laser Machines, where precision meets innovation.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Jonno If
in the last week

I just rang Matthew because I did a human error mistake while operating my small laser cutter. While on the phone, Matthew instructed me about what to do and within a few seconds, it was back to normal. Highly recommend his service to anyone in the laser cutting industry.

My lord
in the last week

Recently spoke with Mat regards to the ultimate assist unit I must say the help and feedback I got from Mat was amazing the unit arrived very quickly and was extremely simple to install I opted under Mat advice to upgrade to a second solenoid as I wanted to be able to turn the air off completely and not drain my large air compressor tank. I ultimately installed a second regulator and water catcher on the front of the unit to be able to easily adjust any of my desired requirements and not have to go back to my compressor five stars amazing service excellent equipment

jarryd sloan
4 months ago

5/5 service, knowledge and price exceptional business would reccommend to anyone with laser queries or parts.

Dean OConnor
7 months ago

Great service, very knowledgeable. Prices are really good with the quality to match. Delivery from China and Melbourne came really fast. Will buy again from MW Laser. Thanks Matt for making our machine repairs go so smoothly with very little downtime.

Jacob K
a year ago

Came 3 days after ordering, looks better then expected.

John Buckley
in the last week

Myself and 3 other Gentlemen who go by the name of the Misfits have been working with Mathew for quite number years now we construct.Memory and Medal boxes for various organisations in the this time Mathew has been excellent and very professional in all facets of the work he does for us and I would highly recommend him to anyone who might want any Laser work that they might require

Bob Hayter
in the last week

WOW ! if you are looking for anything to do with your Laser/Cutter/Engraver. STOP LOOKING. you have just found the right place. Talk to Matt he's a great guy. He called to us to repair a small problem, prompt, reliable and Knowledgeable. ( Mornington Men's Shed.)

Nicholai Dacombe
in the last week

Matt at MW laser has helped me out with my home built 1390 Co2 CNC Laser which I originally used his YouTube videos and guides to help build. He has also helped me over the years to keep it running and trouble shoot some issues that I have had. I recently purchase a bending machine from him, which was shipped the same day I made payment. Fantastic service. I would recommend MW Laser to anyone in the industry or anyone hoping to get into the industry, he is a great source of local knowledge, spare parts and quality machines.