Why choose an MW Laser Machine over cheaper Laser Models.

Why choose an MW Laser Machine over cheaper Laser Models.

This is a very common question for customers who are considering the purchase of a new laser machine. 

There are many manufacturers offering cheap no-name laser machines, some of the common available are gernerally known as the "K40" , "China Blue" or "Red & Black" Laser machines.

I have been servicing and upgrading laser machines for many years now and many of my customers use these machines, and so have I many years ago.  This led me to work on my MW Laser Machine range that are ready to go without needing the necessary upgrades to make them work effectively for a wide range of applications, so this is a very common question. 

MW Laser machines offer several key advantages over much cheaper laser machines that most often require additional upgrades. These advantages encompass safety, performance, ease of use, and support:

Electrical Safety RDC: MW Laser machines prioritize electrical safety with their built-in safety features, such as Electrical Safety RDC (Residual Current Device). This technology helps protect against electrical faults, ensuring a safer working environment.

Dual-Air Pressure Control Air Assist System: All MW Laser machines except for the J630 model, come equipped with a built-in dual-air pressure control Air Assist system. This system enhances cutting and engraving performance by ensuring optimal airflow and reducing the risk of flare-ups or material damage.  This also allows for greater control using the software to turn air assit on high or low for the various cut layers, example using low air for engraving and higher pressure air for cutting. Our air pressure control gauge is built into the machine.

Delayed Fume Extraction Cut-off: This feature helps minimize the inhalation of fumes and odors by allowing for a controlled and delayed fume extraction cut-off, improving the overall workspace air quality, and switches off the exhaust when the machine is not in use, We also include a much quieter fume extraction fan compared to the cheaper laser machines, making it less noisy in the work space, as most other laser machines require you to power on and off the exhaust manually.

Quick and Easy Visual Focus System: MW Laser machines feature a dual red dot visual focus system, making it simple and efficient to achieve precise focus, leading to more accurate and consistent results.

Ruida DSP Control System: The inclusion of an industry-leading Ruida DSP (Digital Signal Processor) control system enhances the machine's overall performance and user-friendliness. It provides advanced control and customization options for various engraving and cutting tasks.

Models J630 and J750 have an RDC6442 Controller and the models R960 and R1390 have a more advanced RDC6445 Controller, both are fully compatable with RD Works and LightBurn Software.

High-Quality Components: MW Laser machines are equipped with high-quality axis rails, stepper motors, and drivers. These components contribute to faster engraving speeds and greater precision in the final output.

Genuine S&A Refrigerated Water Chiller: Most cheaper laser machines do not include water cooling other than a pond/aquarium style water pump.  MW Laser machines include and use a genuine S&A model CW5000 / CW5200 refrigerated water chiller ensures that the laser tube maintains optimal operating temperatures, extending its lifespan and maintaining consistent laser power.
The only exception to this is our 50W J630 Model which uses a passive water cooler S&A model CW3000.

RECI Laser Tube: MW Laser machines use RECI laser tubes, known for their high-quality and durability. This choice ensures reliable and consistent laser performance over time. The only exception to this is our 50W J630 Model which uses and OEM laser tube.

Interchangeable worktable (work bed): All our machines include both a honeycomb and alloy blade table so you can change the worktable to suit the type of work you are doing, by removing the honeycomb when it is not needed will reduce the laser flash damage that results on the underside of the work materials.  This option is not available on most cheaper models, they usually have a fixed, non removable worktable.

Material Pass Through Doors:  All our models have doors that open front and rear when required.  These doors are designed to allow the laser machine to accommodate oversized or continuous materials by providing an opening at the front and rear of the machine.  This feature also enables you to trim down over sized sheets or engrave on long objects, that do not fit entirely withing the work area.

Australian Service and Support: Perhaps one of the most significant advantages is the availability of Australian service and support. MW Laser machines come with local support, offering assistance, maintenance, and technical expertise when needed. This level of support can greatly reduce downtime and ensure a smooth and trouble-free operation of the machine.

In summary, while MW Laser machines may have a higher upfront cost compared to the cheaper laser machines that have flooded the market, their superior safety features, performance capabilities, ease of use, and the availability of Australian service and support make them a more reliable and cost-effective choice.

MW Laser understand that a machine purchase is a big investment, and welcome you to visit our factory and to see our machines in person and discuss your needs in more detail so you can make an informed decision to invest in a MW Laser machine for your workspace.

We recommend you call prior to your visit to schedule a time to ensure you have our full attention in assiting you with your enquiries.
Cheers Matt
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