This MWL-J630 Laser Machine is our smallest but fully featured laser cutter. It has all the functionality of the larger models but in a much more space-efficient package. Being a Desktop Laser machine it’s perfect for any areas with smaller door access such as classrooms and offices.

The Physical Dimensions are 110cm x 73cm x 58cm (excluding the included Mobile Trolley)

The Trolley base shown in photos is sold separately. 
Mobile Trolly Base For MWL-J630 Co2 Laser Machine – MW Laser

Price $5495

Contact for a quotation on options and delivery.



  • Door mounted camera system for convenient visual positioning. Note: utilization of the camera system requires Lightburn software.
  • Engraving speeds of up to 900mm/sec – that’s 2x faster than most other laser cutters originating from China.
  • Cut speeds are also 2x faster with up to 500mm/sec possible, though this is material dependent of course.
  • Our innovative dual red dot pointer focusing system – enables focusing from the control without the need for “focus blocks” or cumbersome autofocus apparatus.
  • Height adjustable bed with 140mm of Z axis travel, enabling larger objects to be engraved or the optional rotary engraving attachment to be fitted.

Our machines are built with premium components for ease of maintenance and years of reliable engraving and cutting.


These machines and accessories are 100% safe for use in the classroom, home or industrial environment, the cabinet & doors are all lockable and fully earth bonded, have built in RCD devices and operate off a standard single phase, 230V, 10A kettle-type lead.

The Trolley base shown in photos is sold separately. 

Suitable materials for cutting or etching:

  • Paper/card stock
  • Plywood / MDF
  • Leather / Felt
  • Rubber
  • Acrylic
  • Glass (etch only)
  • Natural textiles/fabrics
  • Many more


  • 1 x MWL-J630 – 50W laser cutter with honeycomb and alloy slat beds sized to 620 x 320mm
  • Dual red dot pointers for fast “focus piece” free visual focusing.
  • 1 x built in air pump – oil-less & quiet.
  • 1 x Genuine S&A CW3000 passive chiller.
  • 1 x built in extraction fan – Variable Speed Controlled
  • 1 x Digital installation media for simple and powerful laser processing software
  • 1 x Toolkit containing maintenance and servicing tools.

Your Workshop Requirements:

  • Power: 240V 10Amp
  • Default RD Works Software Included – Windows PC
  • Optional LightBurn Software – Win/Mac/Linux PC
  • Ventilation port for exhaust (4") 100mm Diameter

Pickup is available from Pakenham Victoria Australia.
We also offer an installation assistance and training services Australia Wide. Contact us to find out more,

Would you like to customise your machine or add on accessories not shown here then please contact us today for a customised quote.

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The Trolley base shown in photos is sold separately. 
Mobile Trolly Base For MWL-J630 Co2 Laser Machine – MW Laser