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Who is MW Laser?  MW short for Matt’s Workshop commenced in December 2015 with woodworking, and YouTube Channel Matt’s Workshop.  Later I added Co2 Lasers to my workshop, including building one from the ground up.  MW Laser now continues to produce Laser related content on the YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/mwlaser, and has technical and product support provided by leading manufacturers such as Cloudray Laser, Leadshine & RuiDa.

If you want to contact us or want to share your experiences just send an email to matt@mwlaser.com.au
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AliExpress.com Product – Cloudray 130W / 300W CO2 Mixed Cutting Machine CRM1390 & CRM1313 &CRM1620 With S&A Chiller 5200AH
AliExpress.com Product – Cloudray Complete Accessories for 9060 RECI W2 Customized CO2 Laser Machine Laser Solution of All Parts for DIY Laser Ruida S&A

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