Make Your Own Remote Manual Laser Pulsing Unit.

Make Your Own Remote Manual Laser Pulsing Unit.

Make your own remote manual laser pulse unit to allow you to perform quicker mirror alignments and save time walking around the laser machine while performing this necessary task.

In the video on my YouTube Channel, I show two methods of making a manual pulse button for the Co2 Laser, to enable you to pulse the laser for mirror alignment without needing to pulse from the Laser Control Panel.  This allows for quicker alignment and saves time walking around the laser machine.

IMPORTANT: Proper safety precautions should be used including Protective Eye Glasses when using the Co2 Laser Machine.

DISCLAIMER: The author of this information under no circumstances can be found liable for negligence by a reader/viewer if they are seriously injured, dies or suffers damage to their property after acting upon or using the content contained in this document and associated video production.  Any person/s acting on information contained in this document / video do so at their own risk. The reader/viewer also acknowledges they must follow all local and national laws and regulations when performing any work described in this video production. MAINS POWER CONNECTIONS MUST ONLY BE INSTALLED BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL.

The 1st Method shown uses a potentiometer, enabling you to safely set the laser power to low milliamps for mirror alignment, and also features a safety switch to disable the momentary switch to prevent accidental pulsing of the laser tube.

The 2nd method only provides 100% laser power and does not include a safety protection switch.  Extreme care should be taken when using this method, and MW Laser will not be held liable for any personal injury or equipment failure or damage.

The parts required for this project:

Potentiometer WTH118 1A 2W 10K Ohm –

Electronic Enclosure Box – 

Rocker Switch –

Momentary Switch –

Twin Core Cable – 

Wire Terminal Crimp Connectors & Crimp Tool – 

Ammeter –  

Phoenix Connector 6P – 

How to install an Ammeter on Your Laser Machine –

The Wire I Used to hook up the electrical components was purchased from AliExpress it comes in a box of six colours –

I Use these Safety Glasses 10600nm –

Also available is a kit from Cloudray Laser that can be modified –

I Used this product for this project –

Wiring Diagram For Recommended Unit with Potentiometer & Safety Switch – Below

Wiring Diagram For Alternate Method – Below

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