DIY Laser Build – Part 1 – Planning & Design

DIY Laser Build – Part 1 – Planning & Design

Building your own Co2 Laser can be rewarding and you can avoid large import duties, shipping and taxes that you would pay on a pre-built laser machine & you get to design it how you want it, to your own specifications. 

G’day Welcome, This is going to be a page I update regularly during the DIY Build of my CNC Laser Machine.  Check back regularly as I update and provide as much info as I can about the parts and prices for the build.

Something to note is that the machine I am building has a cutting area of 1300x900mm and this is larger than most people may want or need.  So you will need to consider this when price estimating for your own build.

Main Components from Cloudray Laser: (See Part 8 For a Full List of Parts & Prices For My Build)

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