Ultimate Air Assist – Trocen AWC708S

NOTE: Ultimate Air Assist for the Trocen Controller is different to RUIDA Controllers, I have found this solution works.

NEGATIVE CONNECTION of Switch for Pneumatic Solenoid Should Connect to OUT4 (indicated by Yellow Lines)

POSITIVE CONNECTION of Switches Connect to 24VDC (indicated by Brown Line)

OPTIONAL CONNECTION: The NEGATIVE CONNECTION of a Switch for Relay Should Connect to OUT1 (indicated by Yellow Lines)

This is Method is useful if you want to turn on exhaust and air while a job is not being processed, for example to evacuate fumes and smoke at the end of a job, turn on SWITCH to RELAY, this will turn on Exhaust air if it is connected to the relay power outlet.

The Switch for the Pneumatic Solenoid controls AIR to the Nozzle, by using this switch you can manually turn AIR ON if a layer or cut setting did not have AIR ASSIST ON.

You do not need to have 2 Switches, it would dependent on how you prefer to customise your machine’s Air Assist Kit.

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