Cutting Power & Speed – Start Settings For New Laser Users

Cutting Power & Speed – Start Settings For New Laser Users

This is a quick starting guide for new laser users.
It is recommended to perform your own testing of the speed and power settings for each material you use as Speed, Power and mA data below are estimates only, and results may vary for each laser tube manufacturer and system power configurations. The data in this guide are from the machines we have tested, and values may vary for your machine.

You can use these starting values and then fine tune your settings for each type of material on your machine, until you achieve the best results. It is also important to note what lens you are using when performing your tests.

I have been working on a video for new Co2 Laser Users to give them a starting point for what cut settings to use on their machine, so they can then fine tune to the best settings for their machine. I have made my supporting document available early here.

Note: This is a draft only and and will be updated and checked again before I release the new video in the next few weeks.

I will update power settings as I continue to gather the data.

Would you like to contribute to our data collection? It would be helpful for me if you could send me a list of the most common settings for materials you use with your machine, or email me for the LightBurn Cutting Test Files I have created, that you can cut on you machine and then return me photo of your results, so I can compare and validate the data I have.

Email your results to

Cheers Matt

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