Double Head Chiller CW5200/5202 Refrigerated Chiller for Laser Cutting Machine

Double Head Refrigerated Water Chiller For Co2 Laser Cutter/Engraver

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xac double head chiller CW5200 laser cutting machine laser engraving machine special chiller
The CW-5200 industrial chiller produced by wuhan bcxlaser technology co,.ltd has a cooling capacity of up to 1400W. The industrial chiller has two working modes of constant temperature and intelligent temperature regulation, and the temperature control accuracy is up to ±0.3 °C. And the industrial chiller model is compact, compact and easy to move. Industrial chillers include input and output control device switches and advanced functions for cooling water flow, high and low temperature alarms. Compared with similar products, the industrial chiller has a more stable and durable performance, and is particularly good at energy saving and environmental protection.
 Main features of industrial chiller:
  (1) Main parts: It adopts new imported famous brand compressors and high-flow high-lift special-purpose bcxlaser pumps, which are safe, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving and durable.
  (2) Spare parts: Most of them adopt the original products of “bcxlaser”, with various configurations, stable working performance and long service life.
  (3) Function:
   1. The cooling capacity reaches 1400W, and environmentally friendly refrigerant can be used;
   2. Small size, long life and durability, easy to operate;
   3. Temperature control accuracy is ±0.3 °C, ±0.1 °C temperature difference control is optional;
   4. Industrial chiller intelligent temperature controller has two temperature control modes, suitable for different use occasions; there are various settings and fault display functions;
   5. With a variety of alarm protection functions: compressor delay protection; compressor over-current protection; water flow alarm; temperature super high / low alarm;
   6. Multinational power supply specifications, CE certification;
   7. Optional heater and clean water configuration
   Industrial chiller technical parameters:
  One-stop automatic intelligent temperature control: different environments, users can automatically switch to the appropriate control temperature without changing;
   CW-5200AG: can be used to cool a single 130W carbon dioxide glass tube;
   CW-5200AH: Can be applied to a single 8KW CNC spindle or welding equipment or two 100W carbon dioxide glass tubes;
   CW-5200AI: can be used to cool a single 50W-75W semiconductor laser, a single 15W-30W solid laser or a single 30W metal RF tube;
   CW-5202 double inlet and outlet series (optional); heater (optional); purified water quality configuration (optional).


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