S&A CW5200 CW5202 Water Chiller

S&A CW-5200 is a refrigeration-type industrial water chiller.



S&A CW-5200 is a SINGLE INLET/OUTLET refrigeration-type industrial water chiller of 1400W cooling capacity with an energy-saving, cost-effective, high performance, long-life, compact, simple-to-operate design with multiple alarms including compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow and over high / low temperature. It’s mainly used on laser equipment to cool, by refrigeration, the heat generated by the laser tube, for eventual transfer to the air environment. There is 1*water outlet and and 1*water inlet, applicable to cooling a single laser glass tube, and the water temperature is adjustable.

S&A industrial water chillers are popular for their 2 temperature control modes for intelligent, constant temperature control. Under intelligent mode, the water temperature is adjusted according to the ambient temperature, so customers no longer need to worry about seasonal water temperature adjustments.


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