Part 6 – Wiring of Components

A PDF Wiring Guide for the DIY Laser is available here –

In this video I continue the Laser Build by wiring up the components, such as the Laser PSU, DC Power Supplies, Stepper Drivers and Stepper Motors, Ultimate Air Assist to the TROCEN AWC708S Controller.  The main electrical components I am using for this build are from Cloudray Laser Visit them at OR Cloudray’s AliExpress Store – 

DISCLAIMER: The producer of this video under no circumstances can be found liable for negligence by a viewer if they are seriously injured, dies or suffers damage to their property after acting upon or using the content contained in this video production.  Any person/s acting on information contained in this video do so at their own risk. The viewer also acknowledges they must follow all local and national laws and regulations when performing any work described in this video production. MAINS POWER CONNECTIONS MUST ONLY BE INSTALLED BY A LICENSED PROFESSIONAL.

The stepper motors I use are Leadshine 573S15-L and 573S09-L (Links Below For More Info) – Cloudray Leadshine 3 phase Stepper Motor 573S15 573S15-L for NEMA23 5.8A length 76mm Shaft 8mm – Cloudray Leadshine 3 Phase Stepper Motor 573S09-L-18 for NEMA23 3.5A Length 50mm Shaft 6.35mm

Cloudray Cable Chains –

The Stepper Drivers are the 3DM580 and DMA860H

3DM580 –

DMA860H – 

36V PSU – Meanwell LRS-350 Switching Power Supply –

24V PSU – Meanwell LRS-75 Switching Power Supply – 

Cloudray Laser Power Supply – 

Cloudray Lift Metal Parts with Stepper Motor and Motor Driver – (SET B)

Red Mushroom Emergency Stop Button – 

TROCEN AWC708S Controller – 

The Wire I Used to hook up the electrical components was purchased from AliExpress it comes in a box of six colours –

The Ultimate Air Assist Kit –

Z-Axis Auto Focus Sensor / Limit Switch Pen –

Cloudray Analog Ammeter (Available in 0-30mA and 0-50mA)

The Mechanical parts I used for this Laser Build are from Cloudray – This set below is for the size I am building 1300x900mm cutting area.  It comes with all mechanical components, laser lens head, mirror mounts, tube mounts stepper motor mounts, axis rails and timing belt. –  Product – Cloudray Mechanical Parts Set 1300*900mm Inner Sliding Rails Kits Spare Parts for DIY 1390 CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Additional Phoenix Connectors can be found here on AliExpress.

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