MW Laser's Creative Space

The MW Laser’s Creative space is a new facility Opening in December 2023 to accommodate hobbyists and support small business startups where you can come and use our dedicated computer and laser machines to create your own projects and be creative in your own time.

The benefits of the MW Laser Creative Space for your hobby or business.

    • No equipment overheads.
      • Laser cutting and engraving machines and equipment can be a costly investment for startups and hobbies.  However with MW Laser’s Creative space you can use professional, high quality laser machines without the need to purchase the machine, and accessories.  And when ready to purchase a machine MW Laser has a wide range of machines for you to purchase with local service and support.
      • Our Laser machines use LightBurn Software, and you are welcome to use our Computers to design and produce your work.  However if you prefer you may use your own laptop, and purchase your own copy of LightBurn Software so you can work from home and just bring your laptop or files in for processing on the laser.
    • Wide range of materials.
      • MW Laser stock a wide range of materials for your projects which you can purchase onsite including:
      • Timbers, Plywood, MDF
      • Cork
      • Acrylics
      • Traffolyte (TroLase / LaserMax)
      • Paper / Card
      • Leatherette
      • Cutting Boards, Jewelry Boxes, Pens
      • Metal Tags
      • Pet Tags
      • Bottle Openers
      • Tumbers & Bottles
      • Rubber
      • and more.....
      • or you can also purchase your own approved materials to process using our laser machines.
    • Training and Support.
      • By using MW Laser’s Creative Space you have access to our knowledge and can participate in our training sessions, we offer Laser Safety Training as well as more advanced training at discounted pricing.
    • Expert advice.
      • While using MW Laser’s Creative Space you have access to expert advice to answer any questions you may have with producing your projects.
    • Network with others working on businesses or creative projects.
      • MW Laser’s Creative Space aims to provide a collaborative space that is ideal for networking with other entrepreneurs and creatives.

    What equipment is available to use in MW Laser’s Creative Space?

    • MW Laser have a growing range of machinery including
      • Co2 Laser Cutting & Engraving Machines ranging in power from 50W to 150W and size from 600x300mm to 1300x900mm with
        • Honeycomb table
        • Alloy blade table
        • Various Rotary Attachments (for bottles and tumblers)
      • Co2 Metal Cutting Machine 300W 1200x1000mm
        (For Stainless Steel up to 1mm Thick)
      • Fiber Laser Marking Machine 50W
      • Large Format Vinyl Cutter (~700mm wide)
      • Windows PC and Printers
      • Various other hand and power tools

    What will it cost to use MW Laser’s Creative Space?
    (Prices are indicative only at this stage, and are subject to change on or before our Launch date)

    • Annual Registration $220 inc GST.  This is a requirement for every person that will be using the creative space.

    • MW Laser’s Creative Space Hourly Fees
      • Hourly Fee (*Including Booking Fee. See notice below) $44 inc GST
      • 3 Consecutive Hours $121 inc GST
      • Additional Hours (over 3 hrs - max 6 hrs) $33 inc GST

    • Additional Training Sessions & Project Support provided at a discounted time fee of $33 inc GST per 30 minutes.

    • Before Using MW Laser's Creative Space, you are required to complete the free Safety Induction & Training Session. This is a requirement for every person that will be in the creative space, including your helpers / assistants. Contact to schedule your session.

    *Booking Fee Notice: You are required to select your time slot and book online (Link Below)

    A non refundable^ Booking Fee of $11 per hour is charged when booking. An Invoice for the balance of your booking will be provided on the day you use the MW Laser Creative Space.

    ^ A refund will only be provided if MW Laser cancel your booking.

    MW Laser’s Creative Space Bookings Link.

    When can I use MW Laser’s Creative Space?

    MW Laser has set up a booking system on our website using the link above.  You can reserve the Creative Space by selecting any time available, as previously indicated online bookings are essential.

    More information about this exciting new Creative Space will be Updated Here Soon.  Can’t Wait? Email for more information or call during Business Hours 0401848923

    or Complete the form here > Contact – MW Laser