Laser On Status Light Installation

I have been asked a few times now how to wire up an indicator light to signal when the laser is operating, so that when the cutting job has completed the light goes off. This can also be used as a visual reminder that the machine is operating and to increase safety around the laser machine. Some users have multiple machines operating at the same time in a noisy environment, so it can be a good indication that the machine has finished and they can set up for the next cutting project.

As a safety note, this indicator light is not designed so you can walk away from your laser machines and just monitor the light for when it is complete, as a laser machine can cause fire and should not be left unattended.

I installed this indicator light on the RuiDa Controller RDC6432G, however the same process is relevant for most RuiDa Controllers such as the RDC6442, RDC6445G, RDC6445T5.

RDC6445GT5 – Touchscreen Controller –

RDC6445G –

RDC6432G –

You will need a 24V LED or Indicator Lamp, I chose this 10-30V LED Light for this demonstration.

Suggested Parts & Tools


Ferrules & Crimping Tool –

Wire Strippers –

18AWG Wire –

The wiring of this is pretty straightforward, wiring diagrams below.

This 1st one is for the RDC6432G controller, the main difference between this and other RuiDa controllers is the +24VDC power for the indicator light is gained by the mainboard +24V power connector, or you could also connect to the +24V (1) on this diagram 2nd bank from the bottom.

This 2nd diagram is for the RDC64XX controllers, including the RDC6442, RDC6445G and RDC6445GT5 controllers.

First you will mount your status indicator light, and run the wiring neatly inside the machine to the mainboard making sure to keep it secure and out of the way of any moving parts or fans.

Next connect the positive cable to the +24V terminal from your controller, and the negative connection from the indicator light is wired to the STATUS terminal on your controller.

A video of this installation can be found on my YouTube Channel here

Cheers Matt

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