Part 3 – Axis Rail Guide Assembly

I apologise I am still trying to get this information together for you. I will update more here soon.

I got the Inner Rails due to budget for this build, and they should be good for the main work I do which is engraving, but also cutting out signs.  I’m not running my woodworking machines so dust should not be a problem for me.  I also aim to make the machine enclosure to prevent dust entering the rail guides, and will be maintaining regularly like I do with my current machine.

The 3 styles of Rail Guides are

  • Inner Sliding Rails – where the bearings run along the inside of a channel
  • Outer Sliding Rails – bearings run outside the rail’s edge. and
  • Linear Guide Rails – a Steel guide along the axis keeps axis movement precise.

These are available on Cloudray’s Website or their eBay store

The eBay listings have all dimensions and more information on these rail guides.

I have included some of these below.

Also Note: this website and information will be moving to my new domain soon so if you bookmarked this page you may want to check my new domain in the coming weeks for the new link.

Cheers Matt.

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